5 Tips for Using Social Media

The various social media platforms have steadily gained popularity amongst consumers from all industries.  Using social media successfully is a challenge for some businesses, causing them to experience a decline in sales and customer satisfaction.  Below are a few tips on how to create a successful and effective social media campaign.

Tip #1: It is essential to make sure that the social media campaign associated with the company is innovative, creative, and able to capture and maintain the audience’s attention.  If the consumers grow bored with the content provided to them, or worse offended, the company will experience a variety of negative consequences up to and even including, going out of business.

Tip #2: Concentrate on providing customers with quality content.  Most times business owners forget that it is not always quantity that is important, but rather quality is what will drive and keep their readers.  By providing a comprehensive plan for each of the social media platforms companies will be able to ensure that they develop respect amongst their consumers.

Tip #3: Companies should focus on using the social media platforms as a way to demonstrate what they actually do.  “Behind the Scenes” videos on YouTube and Vine are a great way of accomplishing this.  By letting consumers in on “company secrets,” it will make them feel included and actually want to spend their money with them instead of their competitors.

Tip #4: Another important thing for companies to remember when coming up with a social media campaign is to ensure that their website has quality content, with an obvious message as that is key to keeping potential clients and current clients on their site.  Moreover, including share buttons on every page (including blog content) is a great way to make sure the content is shared with everyone.

Tip #5: Lastly business should make sure that their company message is concise and clear.  A lot of times business owners will clutter up their websites with unnecessary information that only serves to confuse their clients rather than educate them.  A lot of the times transparent communication can mean the difference between keeping a customer or running them off.

What are some of the ways you market your company on social media?  Any ideas that didn’t work?  Share your answers in the comment section below.

Elizabeth-Jamey Rand is the President/CEO of Oasis Consulting Group, a consulting agency based in Miami Beach, FL that specializes in business development, start-ups, marketing, and efficient process creation. By using an innovative outside of the box thinking approach when it comes to working with their clients, they are able to provide their customers with comprehensive research and everything they may need in order to run their business successfully and smoothly.  To learn more, contact her at (786) 562-7601 or via email at oasisconsulting3@gmail.com.

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