Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions about Oasis Consulting Group.

What does Oasis CONSULTING Group do?

Oasis Consulting Group is an expert in Business Analysis, Marketing and Advertising Services, Business Development, Business Form Design, Start-Up Companies, Real Estate/Realtor Services, Content Provision, Publishing/Editorial Services, and Social Media Services.  Our approach is to fully explore our clients industry and to create new and customized documents, graphics, and campaigns for our clients that can be put in place through our professional consultations within 24-72 hours after the contract is signed (depending on the skill level of the project).  Our consultants are able to provide successful results to a diverse client base.  We work via management as well as on-site.

Which industries/companies does oasis consulting group work with?

While we prefer not to limit ourselves to a particular industry, we have recently worked with the following industries; Startups, Mom n’ Pop Shops, Government Institutions, Local businesses, E commerce Companies, Online Businesses, Multinational Corporations, Sole Proprietors, and Individuals.

What is the company motto/tagline at oasis consulting group?

The solution to all of your business needs.

Why should i hire your company?

There are three big reasons why you should hire us:

I.Because we are freelancers, we are typically more accessible and flexible than your full-time employees, and we tend to have more resources as well.  Which translates into being more profitable for you in the long run.

II.The thing is, to get your company to the next level you should be able to look at all components of your business as a marketer, an employee, an employer, a department head, etc. and as everyone knows, wearing too many hats can eventually become a big problem.  That’s where my company, Oasis Consulting Group comes in.

III.The professionals at my company specialize in multiple different fields in many industries, thereby allowing you, the owner, to focus on all the owner specific tasks that you need to handle and may not have had time to get to.

why aren’t there any prices on your website?

All of our packages are customizable and designed to fit within our clients budgets, and that’s why we don’t put pricing on our website.  If you are interested in one of our services, please contact us via, email, text, or phone, and we would be happy to provide you with a quote.