Our Process

At Oasis Consulting Group we believe that the best way to foster a wonderful Client Relationship is to ensure our clients are aware of our process.  Now of course we do like to customize the process depending on our clients needs, but we always like to make sure the standards are being met.  Contact us to learn more.

Phase One: Orientation about the Company: A meeting focused on giving us more information about your organization, how it operates, and how the project will specifically relate to your companies goals and objectives.


Phase Two: Product/Service Awareness: This meeting is so we can learn more about the solutions that you provide. This will help us in better understanding the service that we will be providing and will allow us to answer FAQs from prospective clients/customers.


Phase Three: Campaign/Service Development: This is where we develop, organize, and implement the campaign/service that you have agreed upon.


Final Phase: Exit Meeting: This is the final meeting  to ensure that objectives and goals are properly in line with what you want your end result to be.