Services Offered

At Oasis Consulting Group, we are experts in business development and marketing.  Our successful track record with our clients, as well as our ability to provide the best customer service and services possible makes us the best outsourced solution for your business.

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Business Analysis

The perceptive businessperson never stops investigating ways to improve all areas of their business. They will seek information to assist him or her in making the changes necessary to stay profitable in a competitive business world, and at Oasis Consulting Group we would love to help you with that and more. Business Consulting Business Sales … Continue reading Business Analysis

Marketing and Advertising Services

Every business needs a good advertising and marketing campaign, and at Oasis Consulting Group that is just one of the many things we specialize in. Advertising Plan (Basic and Advanced) Advertising Campaign Design (Basic and Advanced) Advertising Copywriting Advertising Copywriting Mail Pieces (no graphics) Advertising/Copywriting Sales Letter Blog (Custom Design and Template Creation) Business Card … Continue reading Marketing and Advertising Services

Business Development

Every great business owner knows that keeping up with the trends in their industry is a must, and here at Oasis Consulting Group, we can help you with that.  We offer the below services, and more to help your company develop and gain more opportunities: Business Plan (Basic and Advanced) Business Card Design Customer Service … Continue reading Business Development

Business Form Design

All businesses need forms and templates to ensure that the company runs effectively and smoothly.  But as anyone knows the creation of those forms can be time consuming and tedious, so, let us design them for you instead.  We offer the below services, as well as many others, to ensure that your company runs efficiently and … Continue reading Business Form Design

Start-up Companies

Thinking of starting up your own business and you aren’t sure what to do first?  Are you new in business and just need a little bit of help?  Well let us be your resource for information and guidance. Starting on the right track is extremely important. Our staff of new business experts is eager to … Continue reading Start-up Companies

Real Estate / Realtor Services

Oasis Consulting Group is now offering customized marketing services on a monthly basis for one low monthly retainer fee.  Additionally, we are also offering various other industry specific services a la’carte to real estate professionals. If you are interested in a free initial consultation, where our dedicated staff will basically be at your beck-and-call for … Continue reading Real Estate / Realtor Services

Content Provision Services

The consultants at Oasis Consulting Group are proficient at providing creative, original content for documents, campaigns, websites, blogs, and more. Articles – News, or with significant research, web-based Business Plans Magazine Articles Content/Keyword for Articles Newspaper Articles Brochures – No Graphic Work Copyediting Essay Writing (High School, College, Professional) Faculty Catalog  – No Graphic Work … Continue reading Content Provision Services

Publishing/Editorial Services

At Oasis Consulting Group we don’t just offer editing services, but we also offer publishing services as well.  Contact us today for more information. Book Reviews Book Summaries Developmental Editing E-Books Magazine Editorial Management Editorial on Call Proofreading Technical Editing Writing/Editing Content for Blog Posts plus ongoing training

Social Media Services

Our services are designed to generate immediate results on your various social media platforms.  The campaigns we design are made to connect your products or services to your target market.  Our services allow your company the most cost-effective way to reach your selected audience. Facebook (Initial Page Setup) Facebook (Monthly Content Management and Curation) Facebook … Continue reading Social Media Services

A’La Carte Services

We work with many industries, thereby allowing us to provide a variety of services that may not be listed here.  Contact us today to learn more. E-Learning Coursework Design Light Accounting and Bookkeeping Work Fact Checking Indexing Resume Writing White Papers

Graphic Design Services

Our professional graphic designers are experts are designing various items,  contact us if you are interested in getting quality designed marketing and promotional products: Brochures Social media advertisements Flyers Graphics Logos

Virtual Assistants

Oasis Consulting Group has a variety of Virtual Assistants, who provide various services, to promote the client’s business growth successfully, that are available on a monthly basis for one low monthly retainer fee. 

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