Virtual Assistants

Oasis Consulting Group has a variety of Virtual Assistants, who provide various services, to promote the client’s business growth successfully, that are available on a monthly basis for one low monthly retainer fee. 

There are plenty of advantages to hiring a virtual assistant like, they are cost-effective, the can execute the assigned business plan within the deadline in a fast and quick manner, they are multi-talented and multi-skilled, they offer a wide range of services, they are available 24 * 7 and anywhere from any part of the world, they allow the business owners to concentrate on long-term goals, and they reduce the work pressure of the business owners.

If you are interested in a free initial consultation, where our dedicated staff will basically be at your beck-and-call for an extremely-reduced monthly fee, please use our Contact Form and a member of our team will provide more information about the application process within 24 ours.

If you would like to learn about, or order any of our a la’ carte services, click this link.

General Virtual Assistants

Our General Virtual Assistants help out the business owners in managing e-mails, and appointments, preparing report formats and presentation slides, and many other administrative tasks. They can perform all the tasks like an office secretary but will work remotely. By performing these, administrative tasks, the business owner will be able to concentrate and implement long term strategic business ideas.

Social Media Advertising Virtual Assistant

To promote the growth of the business, the business owners must market their recent business trends, on various social media platforms. For this, the business owners must be active in social media for advertising about their business products. The social media marketing assistant will perform this activity by posting and advertising all the recent products of the companies as the posts through the company’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest accounts.

Virtual Assistant Copywriters

Our Virtual Assistant Copywriters will help in writing about your business, to make it available on your company website. Our write-ups will help your company receive a better marketing rate, which helps in promoting the growth of your business.

Virtual Assistants for Accounting

By hiring our Virtual assistant who takes of the company’s financial areas, we will save lots of time for the business owners and reduces the pressure also. The virtual accountants will take care of business payrolls and other financial areas of the business genuinely and promptly without any inaccuracies.

Real Estate Virtual Assistants

Our Real Estate Virtual Assistants perform all managerial tasks to trade more properties, database management and be a part of the sales support team. Since our assistants work remotely, they can offer immediate customer queries and all services in a very quick manner and they incur very little cost than physically hiring real-estate agents.

Graphic Designer Virtual Assistant

For posting on social media websites, the business owners need to create more attractive and innovative designs, to aid in promoting the growth of the business. But a lot of owners have very hectic work schedules and thus unable to complete this and other tasks. However, by hiring our skilled and trained Graphic Designer Virtual Assistants, more informative as well as innovative posts can be promoted on your social media accounts, which will surely give your business a great online presence.

Virtual Assistants for Product/Service Launch

These Virtual assistants will keep updating your customers about your products that are launched online, and we will launch your products at the correct time so that they are unique.

“Elizabeth-Jamey is the best! I interviewed a ton of people and she is the only person to have fresh ideas. She is also a great person to work with, and because of her the sales from my Laundromat and Dry Cleaners have increased. Thank you Elizabeth! You’re a peach!”

— Marcy Mucheke, Everglades Coin Laundry

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend the editing services provided by Elizabeth Jamey-Rand. On many occasions Ms. Rand has provided the editing skills, discipline, dedication and persistence working on several projects for me including the editing of a manuscript.”

— Anastasia Mechan, Journalist