10 Facts About: Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe

At Oasis Consulting Group we think it is important to highlight companies that are successful and doing good things in their communities, so each Friday we will Feature one company on our Blog and Social Media Pages. 

Check out 10 Facts about Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe, and stop by their website, westcoastblacktheatre.org, to check them out.

Address: 1012 N. Orange Ave. Sarasota, FL 34236

Phone Number: (941) 366-1505

Instagram Account: @westcoastblacktheatretroupe

Website: westcoastblacktheatre.org

Their mission is to produce professional theatre that promotes and celebrates African American history and experience, engages a broad base of patrons and audiences, supports the development of a dynamic group of aspiring artists and builds self-esteem in youth of color.

Here are 10 Additional Facts about Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe:

Fact #1:

Nate Jacobs started the Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe as a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3), with five founding members: Apphia Campbell, Jnana Wilson Cooper, Henry Porter II, his sister Tsadok Porter, and Teresa Stanley. Some have become professionals in the field, while others have gone on to different careers. However, when possible, they perform with WBTT for specific events or limited engagements.

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5 Marketing Automation Blogs To Start You Off

Marketing Automation is software and different technologies designed to help marketing departments and companies market on multiple online channels efficiently and effectively.  Some business owners may struggle to decide where to start in regards to their marketing journey and this includes whether or not they should incorporate marketing automation into their campaigns.  This is why we decided to provide you with a list of 5 marketing automation blogs that are a great resource to start any business owner off.

Act-On Marketing Automation Blog

This blog covers all aspects of small business marketing for the frugal marketer.

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5 Tips on Making Your Linkedin Profile Stand Out

Did you know there are more than 450 million Linkedin members worldwide? That is a huge audience for business owners to be able to get in front of, so it’s important that your profile stands out.  Below are 5 tips on how to make your Linkedin profile stand out:

Tip #1: Use Keywords

When setting up or revamping your Linkedin profile it’s a good idea to incorporate keywords throughout your profile, including in your headline, summary and work experience sections.

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5 Tips To Make Meetup.com Work For You

Meetup.com is a great place to market and network especially for doing business locally.  They also have a lot of features that can help you expand your business and networking campaigns.  Below are 5 tips that will help you utilize your account to the fullest extent.

Tip #1: Attend Different Meetups that Your Target Market Would Enjoy

Tip #2: Speak at different Meetups that fit your company and marketing initiatives.

Tip #3: Offer free information and samples to the Meetup groups you join.

Tip #4:  Connect your Facebook account to Meetup.

Tip #5:  Create a group on Meetup and use it to further market your business.

What did you think of our tips? Do you have any to add? Leave your answer in the comments section!

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10 Facts About: The Fuzzy Pineapple

At Oasis Consulting Group we think it is important to highlight companies that are successful and doing good things in their communities, so each Friday we will Feature one company on our Blog and Social Media Pages. 

Check out 10 Facts about The Fuzzy Pineapple, and stop by their website, thefuzzypineapple.com, to check them out.

Address: 1205 S. Adams St. Tallahassee, FL 32301

Phone Number: (850) 566-5661

Instagram Account: @thefuzzypineapple

Website: thefuzzypineapple.com

Stand out with custom art, clothing and accessories from this boutique that Nefetari Dennard started in 2007.  They love making custom projects and are currently working on a product customization app for almost everything in store. You design it and they create it for you!

Here are 10 Additional Facts about The Fuzzy Pineapple:

Fact #1:

The Fuzzy Pineapple is an art, apparel, and accessory company based in Tallahassee, Florida, USA that specializes in handmade and customized art work. Our style is characterized as “where candy meets culture.”

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18 Social Media Scheduling Tools That Are Perfect For Any Business

Social Media Management Tools are a business owners’ best friend.  They allow you to plan, schedule, and monitor your social media posts easily and efficiently.  They also ensure your campaigns are consistent and well-executed.  Below are 18 Social media scheduling tools that are perfect for any business.  Take a look and let us know what you think.

Before choosing a social media management tool, it is important to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who needs access?
  • Which social platforms will you connect to the tool?
  • What metrics do you want to measure?
  • Do you want to set up competitor analytics?
  • What keywords and hashtags do you want to track?
  • Do you want to utilize tags to monitor comments on outgoing posts and incoming messages?
  • Do you need to set up an approval workflow with the posts?

Once you have answered these questions, it will be easier for you to narrow down which tool is best for you.

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Recommended Blogs for the Business Owner on the Go

Business owners are always in need of inspiration, hiring tips, lead generation, marketing ideas, and sales advice and with all of the information out there, it can be very hard to decide what to read.  So we have compiled our Top 5 Blogs that we think all business owners should take a look at.

Duct Tape Marketing Blog – This blog is a great place for sales and marketing tips and advice that actually work. They write about topics like content marketing and social media to SEO, PPC, and lead generation.

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9 Small Business Resources No Business Owner Can Live Without

As a small business owner it can be incredibly hard to filter through the wealth of information that is available.  Therefore, we have come up with a list of 9 Small Business Resources No Business Owner Can Live Without.  Take a look and let us know what you think.

Resource #1: Noobpreneur

Noobpreneur means a first time entrepreneur. Noobpreneur  is an online magazine that has various subjects like business management, business technology, and marketing, written by different authors.

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8 Creative Ideas to Promote Your Business

It can be hard to generate new leads and increase sales, that’s where we would like to help.  Below are 8 Creative Ideas to Promote your Business:

Idea #1: Advertise all of Your Social Media Handles

If you really want to pump up your follower account, it’s a good idea to make sure your social media handles are on your email signature, your business cards, your website (all pages), your email blasts and anywhere else you can think of.  You may even want to consider creating specialized business cards with just your handles on them to hand out at different events.

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10 Facts About: Stage Aurora Theatrical Company

At Oasis Consulting Group we think it is important to highlight companies that are successful and doing good things in their communities, so each Friday we will Feature one company on our Blog and Social Media Pages. 

Check out 10 Facts about Stage Aurora Theatrical Company, and stop by their website, www.stageaurora.org, to check them out.

Address: 5166 Norwood Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32208

Phone Number: (904) 765-7373

Instagram Account: @stageauroratheatrical

Website: http://www.stageaurora.org

Stage Aurora Theatrical Company, Inc., theatre that enlightens, launched its Mainstage of Theatre, Dance, and Music in 2000 under the leadership of Darryl Reuben Hall. Stage Aurora began as an opportunity to provide the underserved community of Jacksonville’s Northside with professional theatre reflecting the Black experience. We aim to build bridges of understanding between cultures in relation to the human experience.

Here are 10 Additional Facts about Stage Aurora Theatrical Company:

Fact #1:

Stage Aurora works have performed nationally in various states. In New York City, Stage Aurora is quickly making its mark with original productions The Dinner (2015 Midtown International Theatre Festival), and Drawn from the Water (St. James Presbyterian Church/ Harlem and Renew Queens in Astoria, NY), having received some support from the Dramatists Guild Fund, Actor’s Equity Association, National Alliance for Musical Theatre, and the Queens Council on the Arts. Also, Darryl Reuben Hall’s Frat House (Atlanta Black Theatre Festival).

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