10 Facts About: The Studio@620

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Check out 10 Facts about The Studio@620, and stop by their website, thestudioat620.org, to check them out.

Address: 620 1st Ave S St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Phone Number: (727) 895-6620

Instagram Account: @thestudioat620

Website: thestudioat620.org

The Studio@620 has been an award-winning home for the arts in St. Petersburg, Florida since 2004. We’re founded on a strong mission to foster the creative, cultivate the mind, and provide a safe haven for exploration of the arts, social justice and community issues.

Here are 10 Additional Facts about The Studio@620:

Fact #1:

The Studio@620’s intimate, flexible space can be transformed for any event, whether it’s a holiday party, business meeting, or private special event.

Fact #2:

Their reputation is built on saying YES to diverse, innovative ideas for exhibitions, performances and other collaborative programming.

Fact #3:

They rely on donors, volunteers and sponsors to support The Studio@620 as a critical fixture in our thriving local arts scene.

Fact #4:

They host all types of events, from concerts, film screenings, and literary readings, to dance performances, theatrical productions, and art exhibitions.

Fact #5:

The Studio@620’s Signature Events are born from a collaboration between our Artistic Director, Bob Devin Jones, and the community.

Fact #6:

Their Event Series are recurring programs that connect you with our community on a regular basis.

Fact #7:

In 2004, the official ribbon cutting ceremony, for The Studio@620, was held to celebrate the birth of a new venue in historic downtown St. Petersburg.

Fact #8:

The Studio@620’s first program was called “Grand Ma’s Hands: One Hundred Years of African American Quilting.” The program’s opening night was part of the City of St. Petersburg “First Night” Celebration on Friday, December 31 and ran through February.

Fact #9:

The Studio has been a home for several long-running original events and series, including the ever-popular Radio Theatre Project (13+ seasons), Through Our Eyes: Midtown and Beyond (15+ seasons), and The Holizaar: Handmade Holiday Arts Bazaar (12+ seasons). More recent regular series include Poetry Open Mic (4+ seasons) and Shakespeare in the City (2+ seasons).

Fact #10:

The Studio@620 has also served as a launching pad and incubator for numerous other creative ventures in the area.

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