Top 5 Reasons Learning From Others Is Great

One great way to gain new clients, expand your knowledge, learn from others and to tell others about your company is to Network.

Networking is a very valuable and relatively easy way to ensure your business prospers.  Here are 5 reasons learning from others is a profitable option:

Reason #1: Networking is a great way to Generate Referrals

Referrals via networking are great because they are normally pre-qualified for you and more likely to lead to actual business.

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10 Facts About: Coast One Tours

At Oasis Consulting Group we think it is important to highlight companies that are successful and doing good things in their communities, so each Friday we will Feature one company on our Blog and Social Media Pages. 

Check out 10 Facts about Coast One Tours, and stop by their website,, to check them out.

Address: 102 Centre Street, Amelia Island, FL 32034

Phone Number: (904) 635-9081 

Instagram Account: @visitameliaisland


Located just off the coast of northeast Florida, Amelia Island is easy to reach, but hard to forget. With 13 miles of beautiful beaches, abundant native wildlife, and pristine waters, this barrier island has long been a beloved destination for visitors and residents alike.

Here are 10 Additional Facts about Coast One Tours:

Fact #1:

Amelia Island is consistently ranked among the best of the best with both the island and its partners winning countless awards.

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10 Tips To Market Your Business on Twitter

Using social media in your marketing strategy is a must and Twitter is a great and easy way to get started.  Below are 10 Tips on how you can market your company via Twitter, which will in turn help you grow your followers and engagement stats.

Tip #1: Set up Your Twitter Professionals Profile

Twitter Professional Profiles helps you clearly display specific information about your brand or business, directly on your profile. This type of profile will also enable you to have a unique and clearly defined presence on Twitter, separate from the general user.

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How You Can Improve Your Business With Data Analytics

Discovering what moves to make with your business doesn’t need to be a solitary effort. Compiled information on the successes and failures of others in your field is available to guide your decisions. Using data analytics, your growing company can make smart choices about how you operate, interact with customers and develop further. Experts agree that proper use of big data studies can help your business make decisions that are statistically more viable.

It Is Comprehensive

Data analytics is the use of widespread market research to determine the likely causes and effects of certain actions and trends in an industry. More specifically, analysts research massive amounts of comprehensive data in categories such as sales and profits, customer engagement, risk analysis, and investor habits to provide insight into what strategies will provide a company with its desired results. A business owner can learn from the triumphs and setbacks of their predecessors to make educated plays in the formation or growth of their business.

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10 Biggest Business Pet Peeves

With so many companies doing the same thing, it’s a good idea for you, as a business owner, to ensure your company is operating by the basic rules of business etiquette. Good Business Etiquette can be the deciding factor between you or your competitor. Below are 10 of the Biggest Business Pet Peeves that most business owners have run into.  Let us know what some of your business pet peeves are in the comments section.

Business Pet Peeve #1: Remember to Stand When Meeting Someone

It’s always a good idea to stand when meeting someone and/or shaking hands, if you remain seated, this can be seen as a sign of disrespect.

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