10 Great Email Blast Ideas For Any Business

Email Blasts are a great tool to keep in contact with your customers as it allows you to reach them directly.  By creating a schedule and coming up with creative email ideas, you can ensure that your emails will be a welcome surprise to your clients, rather than an annoyance.

Below are 10 great email blast ideas for any business:

Idea #1: Offseason Check-In Email Blast

If your company is a seasonal company, a great way to keep in touch with your clients is to send an email blast that keeps them engaged and keeps you in their minds.

Idea #2: Breaking News Email Blast

Say you are being featured in a new magazine, or your company is being honored, sending an email blast to let your clients know of this new and exciting development is a great way to build customer loyalty.

Idea #3: Blog Post Email Blast

If your company has a blog post, it’s a good idea to send your customers an email blast that gives the title, brief description, and link to the articles you have written.  If you blog monthly, consider sending out the email blast monthly, if you blog weekly, then consider sending the email blast weekly, listing all the blogs you wrote for that week.

Idea #4: “Best of” Email Blasts

“Best of” email blasts are a great way to keep your customers engaged without making them feel like it’s a sales pitch.  Try highlighting a few of your favorite items, for instance, if you are a Real Estate Company, you could send a “Best of” email blast of all of the best restaurants in your area.

Idea #5: Anniversary Email Blasts

If there is a special anniversary for your company, it’s a good idea to not only let your customers know about it, but maybe also offer a discount or a promotional item to celebrate the special occasion.

Idea #6: End of Season Email Blast

Sending an “End of the Season” email blast is a great way to let your customers know of the highlights of your company and/or any special deals or offers you have currently going on.

Idea #7: Invitation Email Blast

If you have any smaller activities going on, or a special promotion, sending your client list a special Invitation Email Blast, will make them feel special and entice them to look at your company.

Idea #8: Seasonal Email Blast

A great way to make a personal connection with your customers and make sure your message gets noticed is to send a Seasonal email blast.  You don’t even have to have seasonal products or services; you can just use the email blast to focus on the changing seasons and how it relates to your company.

Idea #9: Holiday Email Blast

Sending Holiday email blasts, either traditional or non-traditional, can make your customers feel apart of your business culture.

Idea #10: Outreach Email Blast

These types of email blasts are great to gain the prospective of your clients.  If you are thinking of doing a new product or service, consider sending a survey to your customers to gain their thoughts on it.

Do you send out Email Blasts? If so, what kind do you send? How often do you send them? Leave your answer in the comments section!

About Elizabeth-Jamey Rand

Elizabeth-Jamey Rand is the President/CEO of Oasis Consulting Group, a consulting agency based in Miami Beach, FL that specializes in Business Development, Social Media, Event Planning, Virtual Assistance, Advertising, Real Estate Agent Help, Start-ups, Marketing, and Copywriting. By using an innovative outside of the box thinking approach when it comes to working with their clients, they are able to provide their customers with comprehensive research and everything they may need in order to run their business successfully and smoothly.  To learn more, contact her at (786) 562-7601 or via email at oasisconsulting3@gmail.com.


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