10 Tips To Market Your Business on Twitter

Using social media in your marketing strategy is a must and Twitter is a great and easy way to get started.  Below are 10 Tips on how you can market your company via Twitter, which will in turn help you grow your followers and engagement stats.

Tip #1: Set up Your Twitter Professionals Profile

Twitter Professional Profiles helps you clearly display specific information about your brand or business, directly on your profile. This type of profile will also enable you to have a unique and clearly defined presence on Twitter, separate from the general user.

Tip #2: Update your Twitter profile

Try refreshing your profile by adding a new header photo, profile photo, updated bio, and pinned Tweet.

Tip #3: Create a Twitter Schedule and Stay Consistent

Set up a schedule to ensure you are tweeting regularly.  This will boost your visibility, grow engagement and help you build your followers.

A Sample Schedule could be:

  • When you will Tweet
  • How often you plan to post
  • What Tweet formats you want to use
  • Any content themes you plan to target

Tip #4: Start a Twitter Newsletter

Check out Revue, where you can compose and schedule newsletters, import email lists, analyze engagement and earn money from paid subscribers.

Tip #5: Focus on Your Target Market

Target your tweets towards your target market.  Some ways of doing this is to; Look at your buyer personas and make sure they still reflect your current and new customers, Make sure your tweets are focused on information your target market would want to view, and Ensure your tweets are relevant and provide value.

Tip #6: Try out Twitter Ads

Take a look at Carousel ads, Takeover ads, Twitter Amplify and video advertising, and see if it gives your Twitter account a boost.

Tip #7: Focus on Growing your followers

Make sure you are responding to Tweets and change things up by utilizing, Twitter Polls.

Tip #8: Check Analytics Weekly

By checking your analytics weekly you are able to see which tweets are performing well and which ones aren’t, which will allow you to update and optimize your Twitter strategy.

Tip #9: Keep Track of Your Response Times

When you respond to mentions quicky, it makes your followers feel like they are engaging with a real person and not just a faceless company.  So ensure you respond to any mentions, comments, or direct messages within 24 hours.

Tip #10: Use Twitter Spaces For Your Virtual Events

Twitter Spaces is a great space for Q&As, interviews with industry leaders, and sneak peeks of new content.

Do you think Twitter is a useful marketing tool? Why or Why Not? What are some ways that you use Twitter? Leave your answers in the comments below.

Elizabeth-Jamey Rand is the President/CEO of Oasis Consulting Group, a consulting agency based in Miami Beach, FL that specializes in Business Development, Social Media, Event Planning, Virtual Assistance, Advertising, Real Estate Agent Help, Start-ups, Marketing, and Copywriting. By using an innovative outside of the box thinking approach when it comes to working with their clients, they are able to provide their customers with comprehensive research and everything they may need in order to run their business successfully and smoothly.  To learn more, contact her at (786) 562-7601 or via email at oasisconsulting3@gmail.com.


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