10 Unique Marketing Ideas For Your Business

There are a ton of ways you can market your business, and all of that information can be very overwhelming.  So, the team at Oasis Consulting Group, decided to give you a little help to get your marketing strategy back on track.

Below are 10 Unique Marketing Ideas that you can try to boost your business.

Marketing Idea #1: Pin your own images (and other people’s images)

Post your best images(templates, infographics, etc.) on Pinterest and link them to your webpages.

Marketing Idea #2: Keep Track of What your Competitors Are Doing

Facebook business pages allow you to follow other accounts via the Pages to Watch feature. Follow your competitors and see what they post, and which of their posts get the most shares and likes. See what works and follow their lead.

Marketing Idea #3: Think Outside of the Box, Try Unusual Sponsorships

For instance, you can contact your local businesses and see if they would be interested in doing a mutual sponsorship with you.

Marketing Idea #4: Photo Contests Are Great for Followers

Photo contests are great for a number for reasons – they’re relatively easy to enter (anyone with Instagram and a couple of minutes), and they also provide sponsors with a great form of user-generated content that can be reused in other places.

Marketing Idea #5: Caption Contests Are A Great Idea for Engagement

Post a photo and ask users to submit their best caption – and offer a promotional item for a prize.

Marketing Idea #6: For New Customers, Post to Deal Sites

People who really love a good deal tend to frequent deal sites and forums. This is also a great place to run a promotion for new customers.

Marketing Idea #7: Remember to Use Hashtags for All of Your Posts

Always add relevant (and unique) hashtags to all of your social media content, this will allow you to keep track of how popular certain posts are and well help you get into searches.

Marketing Idea #8: Make All Your Content Easy to Share

This means adding “share this” buttons if you have an entry form on a website, or simply encouraging social sharing in general.

Marketing Idea #9: Notify Your Email Subscribers of Any New Information or Contests

For example, if you’re running a contest, you know your subscribers are going to want to join.

Marketing Idea #10: Infographics Are A Wealth of Information

Infographics are a great source of information for your readers.  You can use Canva or Powerpoint to make a shareable, visually pleasing graphic.

These are just a few marketing ideas to get you started.  What are some of your current marketing tricks? Which ones work best? Leave your answers in the comments below.

Elizabeth-Jamey Rand is the President/CEO of Oasis Consulting Group, a consulting agency based in Miami Beach, FL that specializes in Business Development, Social Media, Event Planning, Virtual Assistance, Advertising, Real Estate Agent Help, Start-ups, Marketing, and Copywriting. By using an innovative outside of the box thinking approach when it comes to working with their clients, they are able to provide their customers with comprehensive research and everything they may need in order to run their business successfully and smoothly.  To learn more, contact her at (786) 562-7601 or via email at oasisconsulting3@gmail.com.


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