Better Together: How to Improve Cross Collaboration Across Your Business

When it comes to business, you’re only as powerful as your people. And if you want to get the best out of them, it’s important to create a working environment that makes it easier for staff to pitch in and work together effectively – here’s how to get started.

Provide the Right Tools

For maximum cohesion, you need to make sure that you’re providing your employees with the right tools. The good news is that there’s a wealth of innovative software designed to help teams share files, communicate freely and better organize projects. It’s crucial that you utilize these options and encourage your team to connect to each other digitally.

As a supervisor, process mapping is an ideal aid for you and your team to keep track of each other’s progress on a particular project, helping you all to stay organized and improve efficiency. These tools are a key part of helping you to identify problem areas and ensure progress on an assignment.

Lead by Example

If your business conducts team meetings periodically, a surefire way to let employees know that their input is welcome is by opening up the floor during this time. Try to give consideration to all suggestions, validating opinions when they are offered so that workers feel comfortable repeating this behavior going forward.

It may also be a good idea to diversify the types of meetings held. Some staff may feel more confident relaying their thoughts in a more private setting while others may feed off each other’s ideas and seek inspiration from their teammates. A good work environment accommodates multiple learning styles.


Incentives are often the easiest way to instill desired behavior in your employees’ work ethic. They boost morale and create healthy competition that ultimately leads to increased productivity. You will need to create structured programs and opportunities to facilitate collaboration before launching an incentives program.

To encourage participation, ensure that the rewards on offer truly appeal to your employees by analyzing their shared interests and enjoyed activities. It may also be worthwhile to decide whether many, smaller incentives are more valuable than one large one, and this can be gauged over time via trial and error.

Create a Culture of Collaboration

If you have a high staff turnover rate, it may be wise to ingrain collaboration into your employee induction and training programs. This way, staff will already be accustomed to the idea of teamwork, and as a bonus, it will help new members of staff become comfortable with existing employees sooner rather than later. A buddy-up program is a simple way to achieve this without placing any added pressure on your employees who already have a full workday ahead of them.

Including collaboration during team-building activities is also a fun way to get personnel excited about working together. These could be as casual as an office happy hour spent playing a game or as structured as a weekend away spent camping.

A team that is comfortable working together has a huge positive impact on productivity while maintaining job satisfaction all around. By consciously working on ways to implement collaboration, you can employee retention and eventually profit margins.

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