How to Put Together a Remote Team That Slays

There are plenty of benefits to employing a remote workforce. No matter what type or size of business you run, you can land top-notch talent from across the globe, save money, and make your operations more efficient, among other things.

But the success of your remote team will largely depend on recruiting the right people and employing effective management strategies. If you’re a female business owner on the verge of putting together a team of remote workers, check out these practical tips.

Evaluate Your Business Structure

One of the most fundamental steps of starting a business is choosing what type of business structure to set up. Even if you have an established business, it’s best practice to revisit your structure from time to time to ensure it is suiting the needs of your company.

If you’re planning to put together a remote team, consider forming an LLC. Doing so can result in various tax benefits, limited liability, and many other perks. Also, think about setting up a “doing business as” for your business. This will allow you to sell products or services under a different name, among other things.

Be Diligent in the Recruitment Process

Who you hire for your team is always important. However, when building a remote team, it’s especially critical that you find skilled individuals who are also highly disciplined and reliable. Working off-site requires employees to be more autonomous; when your workers are not being directly supervised and perhaps don’t have as much of a support system, you need to know you can rely on them to get things done consistently.

Any candidate you consider for a position must either have the expertise necessary or the ability to learn quickly. Additionally, the candidate should be able to communicate effectively and respond to questions and concerns quickly. Consider these factors as you’re putting together your team, and keep in mind that you want each candidate to believe in your company and buy into your company culture.

If you’re on a limited budget, consider hiring foreign workers to become members of your team. There are many qualified workers, and they’re relatively easy to find if you visit online freelancing boards. If you’re worried about extra fees when paying these workers, find an affordable and secure money transfer service. For example, if you hire Nigerian workers, you can pay them securely through Remitly for only a $4.99 fee.   

Establish Guidelines  

As with the recruitment process, you need to have clear guidelines and expectations established with any business you run. A remote team especially cannot survive without guidelines in place. Make sure every team member understands what is required of them in terms of contributing to workflow and maximizing the team’s productivity. And hold them accountable to the expectations laid out.

This might include establishing regular work hours or certain times of the day when each team member should be available for communication. If you don’t have specific work hours in place, make sure your team is submitting all tasks and projects by their deadlines.

Incorporate the Right Technology

Technology has made it possible for companies of all shapes and sizes to utilize remote teams. But if you’re going to succeed, you have to actually use the tech tools at your disposal. Look into tools like Google Hangouts, Zoom, Slack, Basecamp, and other software and apps that will enable your team to stay productive and deliver the highest quality work possible. While any type of technology can be a little awkward at first, there are plenty of tools on the market that can quickly be learned and seamlessly fit into your operations.

Regularly Communicate

When it comes to managing a remote team, it is difficult to over-communicate. Make sure you’re instituting regular check-ins with all of your teams and individual workers, whether that means daily or weekly check-ins. Use the right channels of communication to interact with your team. The channel you use will largely depend on the size of your team, the type of projects you’re working on, and even the specific projects themselves. For example, email, chat apps, and phone calls can each be effective in their own ways.

If you’re ready to take the leap to assemble a remote team, make sure you approach it the right way. Consider the tips above so that you can set your company up to reap all the benefits of utilizing a remote workforce. And keep researching other methods for managing your remote team and staying relevant in an ever-evolving business landscape.

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