The 5-Step Career Change Roadmap

Maybe you don’t feel truly fulfilled in your current job, or maybe you don’t think that you’ll have more chances for upward advancement in your field. Perhaps you’re even wondering if you would be happier as a business owner than an employee.

Embarking on a career change for the sake of pursuing your passion can be exciting! Starting your own business can go smoothly with guidance from Oasis Consulting Group, and whether you want to become an entrepreneur or find a job in a new industry, these tips will help you chart a course for your career change.

Schedule Informational Interviews

Are you looking to make a career transition into a new field? To figure out which skills you’ll need to master or certifications you’ll have to earn, you can schedule informational interviews with professionals who already work in your target industry. Indeed recommends coming up with a list of in-depth questions before the interview and rehearsing them in advance. Make sure to thank your interviewee after your conversation!

Assess Your Qualifications

Maybe you’ve found out that you need to earn certain certifications, degrees, or licenses to work in your new chosen field. Alternatively, perhaps you’ve discovered that you’ll have to get the hang of some unfamiliar skills or software programs. Assess your current qualifications, and start making a plan to expand your skillset and your resume.

Invest in Your Education

If you’re about to change your career direction, it might be a good time to further your education, especially if you’ve been considering going back to school for an advanced degree for years. For instance, whether you’re interested in starting your own business or making the jump to the corporate world, enrolling in an online MBA program is a smart investment. In a program like this, you’ll have the opportunity to study accounting, marketing, corporate finance, strategic planning, and more. And by choosing an online program, you’ll be able to maintain a flexible schedule that allows you to focus on school, work, and family obligations.

Consider Entrepreneurship

After spending time polishing your new skills and completing necessary coursework, you might be toying with the idea of starting a business rather than applying for new jobs. First, you should consider if entrepreneurship is the right choice for you. Location Rebel suggests that aspiring entrepreneurs should have a realistic business idea and plenty of savings before quitting their full-time jobs. It’s also important to examine your motivations for becoming an entrepreneur – after all, running your own business is a lot of work!

Volunteer and Freelance

If you’re ready to start sending out your resume for new jobs, networking can help you land the right role! You could consider volunteering for organizations where you’re likely to meet other people in your target field. Someone you volunteer with could connect you to an open position that would fit you perfectly. You’ll get to give back and make a difference at the same time, which is always satisfying.

You could also start offering your services on a freelance basis to build your portfolio with examples of work that will be relevant in your new field. It never hurts to expand your job search to contract positions – this gives you the option of getting your feet wet in your new industry, and you never know if it could turn into a full-time position down the road.

Choosing to change careers can open lots of doors for you. You never know what you might accomplish if you take a chance on yourself! By following these tips, you’ll be able to chase your passion and boost your chances of success in your new field.

Want to successfully grow your business? Oasis Consulting Group can support you through everything from business development to marketing. Reach out through the contact form on our website to get started.

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