This Is How You Can Be More Productive When Working from Home (Without Working at Home)

While studies suggest that working from home makes staff more productive, most parents likely agree that the opposite is true. Kids can be a significant distraction, and so can household tasks and to-do lists. One smart way to get more done is by setting up a temporary home office in a vacation home. Setting up your remote home office just takes a bit of know-how and preparation.

Maintain the Office Mindset

Finding a distraction-free workspace that can keep you focused and productive is essential.

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Recognize That Working Remotely Is a Real Challenge

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Working from home without being at home is a great way to refocus and ensure you have the space to be your most productive. By keeping a professional, office-oriented mindset and acknowledging (and addressing) the challenges of telecommuting, you can enjoy a better work-at-home-away-from-home experience.

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