Surefire Ways to Attract More Guests to Your Hotel

Running a hotel can be tough, even if it is located in the popular Miami Beach area.  With dozens of different hotel options, building brand loyalty among guests and patrons can be very hard for even the most prestigious hotel.  The best way to build brand loyalty is to understand why your current guests frequent your location and to evaluate each and every aspect of your hotel.  Below are some other ideas and tips to bring more guests to your establishment and to create brand loyalty with your current guests.

Personalize your guest’s Hotel Experience

Everyone loves to feel special and your guests are no different.  Personalizing each guest’s stay is a great way to make your guests feel valued, while establishing an emotional connection between your brand and your customers.  Personalized touches can be very simple (like having a fresh cup of coffee hand delivered to your guests in the morning) or to the very intricate (like providing personal butlers to their more affluent guests), anything that makes your clients feel special will almost always guarantee a high level of loyalty.

Check in With Your Guests

The best way to build brand loyalty is to ask the individuals responsible for your brand becoming internationally and locally known.  Throughout your guests stay check in with them to ensure that they are receiving the best possible service, and encourage them to share their experiences online.  As always, remember to take care of any negative responses right away and implement programs to ensure that any issues your guests may have are corrected for the future.

Evaluate Where Your Guests will be Staying and Visiting

All good hotel owners and managers know that a great way to ensure their guests have a great time at their hotel is to become a guest themselves.  Staying at your own hotel is a great way to see what your guests see and a wonderful way to ensure that if/when you do decide to renovate or revamp your hotel, you won’t miss out on anything.  Also daily inspections of guest rooms is a great way to catch any problems before your guests do.

Hotel Loyalty Programs

Hotel Loyalty Programs are designed to do just that, build loyalty between hotel guests and the hotels they frequent.  Consider a loyalty program that works both for your establishment and your guests, something as small as a free night in your hotel with a certain amount of visits, goes a long way in ensuring that your guests come back to your hotel for every trip that they may need to take to your area.

Renovate the Building

While renovating your hotel can seem quite costly, if done correctly, you could end up making your money back quickly through new and old reservations.  There are also many cost effective ways for you to ensure that every guest room is comfortable and inviting and that the rest of your hotel is something to be proud of.

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