How Social Media Can Help in Real Estate

The Team at Oasis Consulting Group has worked with many real estate agents in Miami Beach.  By utilizing their extensive knowledge and experience with social media and digital marketing, this consulting company has created a unique brand based around a combination of the generational trends all of the members of the team have learned, and the trial and error they have learned from their clients, and by implementing the basic principles they have come up with, Oasis Consulting Group has managed to gain an impressive selection of customers on a huge scale by implementing these basic principles.

The digital advertising strategies that Oasis Consulting Group have employed are great for consumers apart of the international real estate market, as they are more likely to view properties via social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  The high definition images and engaging videos are great options for displaying the beauty and uniqueness of a property.  Additionally, Instagram is quickly becoming a required tool for all real estate agents, as the clear and easily accessible pictures are prominent ways to show interested parties the grand properties that Miami has to offer.

In staying with the digital marketing theme, the dynamic duo has begun using a different concept called the “Social Media Hot Spot.”  This innovative concept works by utilizing the different agents that are invited to view and tour the property.  After the tour and/or appointment, all of the agents are encouraged to like and comment on the various images that are located on their client’s many social media accounts.  The main goal being to have the property go viral, thus ensuring the residence has reached an optimal amount of interested people in a short amount of time.

What are some ways you think social media can help the real estate industry?

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