Tips on Hotel Re-branding

The re-branding process is quite overwhelming if not done correctly.  The planning, strategizing, and marketing stages can be complex, but there are important to complete an effective and efficient re-branding campaign.  The most significant thing that hotel owners must remember is the campaign needs to include the associates running the hotel and communicate how the new hotel will make the guests and patrons feel.  Additionally re-branding the hotel is a wonderful way to rejuvenate sales and upgrade the way the hotel is seen.  So, here are some tips and ideas that can help to accurately re-brand a hotel for maximum results.

The first step is the most obvious but probably the hardest.  Before a hotel can be re-branded, all instances of the old brand need to be removed.  Have old signage thrown away, ensure the previous name is gone from all marketing and office materials, change the website and website address to the new name, and cease associates from using all of the old promotional materials.  Some of these ideas may seem extreme, but it is essential for the re-brand campaign to work.

Although it is a fact, re-branding does not work for every business, as the re-branding campaign is different for every situation.  There are things hotel owners and managers can do that will significantly higher their chances that their campaign will be a success.  One of these things is be prepared for an initial drop in profits, which can be helped by considering closing the hotel temporarily.  While there will not be any more booking sales, a break can help balance the finances, meaning the limited daily upkeep costs will be significantly lower, offsetting the lower booking sales.

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