How to Maximize Hotel Profits

Hotels and restaurants are always looking for ways to maximize their profits, but it can be hard to sift through all the various idea and tips that are available.  If done correctly renovating the hotel or restaurant is a great way to increase profits.  If a hotel owner decides to undergo a renovation project, below are some things that should be kept in mind.

Update the HVAC System – The hot climate of South Florida means establishments must make sure the HVAC system in their business works properly.  More than 50% of a hotel’s operation budget goes towards air conditioning and heat.  So speak with the project manager to ensure that the hotel is equipped with a highly efficient HVVAC System, which will use less energy and fewer kilowatts, thus helping the hotel save in energy costs.

Do Something Different – With the many hotels in close proximity to each other, it can be hard to gain a competitive edge.  That is where hotel owner’s need to think outside the box.  Something as simple as an updated dining room that offers free Continental breakfast with more options, or updating the guest rooms to accommodate pets, are great options for keeping costs down while not allowing your guests to sacrifice by having to up the booking prices.

Comfort is a Must – When renovating a hotel it’s important for the owners and managers to remember the guest rooms.  No matter if, the guests are there for one day or for a month, the guest rooms should feel like a sort of home away from home.  Touch up the rooms with comfortable furniture, updated in-room amenities, and more closet spaces, changes guaranteed to astonish your guests..

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