Wynwood Wall Artist Spotlight: Aiko

Since the Wynwood Walls are closed because of the current Pandemic, the team at Oasis Consulting Group thought it would be a great idea to start shining a spotlight on some of the great artists who have contributed to the walls.  Next up is Lady Aiko.

Lady Aiko, a Japanese artist from Brooklyn New York, contributed her unique style in 2009, with an update completed in 2013.  Contacted by Jeffrey Deitch to participate in the mural project, Aiko had this to say about her reasons for agreeing, “I was inspired by the classical elements in Rome and its streets and museums when I began to sketch the images. Also, Miami is place for parties—people come there to have good time, and I wanted to make something gorgeous, festive, and exciting for everyone, with positive energy.”

Aiko began her painting career as an apprentice with Murakami’s studio in the Mediterranean.  Once completing her apprenticeship she teamed up with two young American artists known as FAILE, creating inspiring art for the outdoors, galleries, and print editions.  Five years later, Aiko found herself collaborating across the world as a group artist, later leaving to develop her career as an individual.  This creative artist’s style includes an interesting mix of media including spray paint, acrylics, latex enamels, oil bars, coffee stains, rhinestones, and glitter and pigments.  With a variety of techniques by her side, collaging, stenciling, silk screening, and hand painting, she has been able to create dense layered images that convey a sense of life and positive energy.

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