Top Ranking CRM Systems in the Hospitality Industry

CRM Software is extremely important.  Having the incorrect software can cost a company a huge amount of money and loss of valuable employee work time.  Despite this, some businesses still put a relatively low value on implementing the correct CRM systems.  The Team at Oasis Consulting Group, has reviewed a few of the CRM software that is currently available to establishments in the hospitality industry, and below are our findings. – With capabilities including, sales management, marketing automation, partner relationship management, and customer service, this software is one of the leaders in on-demand customer relationship management.  By offering a wide range of CRM applications to small, mid-market and enterprise organizations, the company has managed to come out on top in customer service and sales.

Infusionsoft – This software offers online sales and marketing solutions solely to small businesses.  Featuring lead generation tools, marketing automation, email and social media tools all aimed at converting leads into actual sales, this company is perfect for an entrepreneur just starting out.

TeamSupport – Utilizing one of the top conditions for a successful customer support team, teamwork, this program is designed to help teams work together more efficiently and effectively.  By eliminating miscommunications, improving customer communication, and providing a platform to address client issues quickly, this software is perfect for businesses that have a huge focus on teamwork and customer service.

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