Wynwood Wall Artist Spotlight: Miss Van

Since the Wynwood Walls are closed because of the current Pandemic, the team at Oasis Consulting Group thought it would be a great idea to start shining a spotlight on some of the great artists who have contributed to the walls.  Today we are going to talk about Miss Van.

The Wynwood Walls is a famous set of derelict warehouses revitalized as an ultimate statement in graffiti and street art appreciation.  Over 50 artists, representing 16 different countries, have lent their talent and vision to this gorgeous project.  One of those artists, Miss Van, has left an incredibly imaginative and creative mark on the walls.  Miss Van, born Vanessa Alice Benismon, represents the classic Toulouse community in France.  Starting at the age of 18, Miss Van has contributed her feminine style to the walls in Toulouse and has since brought her unique style to Miami.

Traveling the world, Miss Van has adorned walls and canvases alike.  Her sensual female characters known as her “Poupes,” have decorated the walls in the Wynwood District since 2013.  By initiating the feminine movement in Street Art in France, her pieces have become immediately recognizable by the pouting, sulky, and sensual characteristics of childlike women.  The talented artist strives to ensure that her personality is included in each piece, ensuring that each portrait has an aspect of her included as well.

Her art is known to carry a dreamlike quality guaranteed to resonate with anyone, as Miss Van says herself, “I’m evolving and growing up with my paintings.  It’s the only way, when you paint with emotions and feelings.  I’m trying to be true with myself.”

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