Great Applications for a Tablet

With tablets fastly becoming a popular item amongst individuals from all lifestyles, the influx of applications available has reached staggering amounts.  The Google Play store, the place where Android users go to download apps, has recently exploded with applications, beginning to rival fierce competitor Apple.  With the huge selection that is now available to users, there can be a little bit of a disconnect regarding which applications to download.  Below is a list of a few great applications for an Android tablet.

Spotify – Touted as one of the best media applications available for Android, Spotify is a free playlist/radio online station.  The software is free and for the elite there is a subscription service available.  Offering access to various music stations and allowing users to create their own customized playlists, the free option has many perks.  The premium version however, allows for the ads that plague the free version to be cancelled and the audio quality is better.  Additionally, users who pay for a subscription have the ability to listen to their music offline.

Strava – A free software that is great for running and cycling enthusiasts.  Smartphone compatible this application allows the users to track their performance, set goals, and see daily progress updates.  Moreover, individuals have the ability to create exercise routes and upload their own customized routes.

Evernote – Wonderful software for professionals and anyone who needs to organize their life.  Available as a download on a PC, this application allows users to create to-do lists, record voice reminders, and take photos, all from the convenience of the program.

Pocket – Another free program, this application is capable of saving articles, news stories, blog posts, videos, and more, keeping them available for offline usage.

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