Decorating Tips for a Peaceful Home

Decorating a new home or updating an old room can be a fun and challenging process.  Putting a unique or creative spin on old design can transform a house into a work of art.  While completely redecorating a residence can be quite costly, little tricks can be done to cut down costs and still turn any room into a masterpiece.  Check out some of our decorating tips for a peaceful home, and let us know what you think!

Think Light – Adding a something as simple as decorative accents in different varieties of light hues can add a lot of depth and dimension to the room.  Additionally, lighter colors make a room feel bigger, so this would be a good idea to utilize in a smaller apartment and/or a smaller room.

Mix and Match – Do not be afraid to mix patterns and colors that may not traditionally go together.  Try adding vintage pieces to a more modern looking room, or mixing up themes, for instance, the living room could have an Asian theme, while the dining room area is more contemporary.

Decorate the Walls – Great décor on the walls can really pull a room together.  Hanging random art pieces on one wall can give the room an art gallery type of feel.  Another option is to take all family photos and create a sort of wall collage of family memories.

Create an Open Space – When decorating a smaller area, it can be difficult, but not impossible.  Creating an open space can make all the difference.  To accomplish this, the furniture should not be against the walls; instead, the furniture should be in the center in the room, creating more room.

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