Makeup Tips for the Summer and the Fall

Female residents living in Miami know that the extreme heat can be murder to a killer makeup job.  Most of them probably have their own little tricks and ideas to making sure their makeup will not melt right off their faces.  Below are a few ideas on how to keep makeup melt proof during the extremely hot days and sweltering nights.

Idea #1: As all of the professionals know, the trick to foundation and color that stands the test of time, is to use primer. Apply a dot size portion of the lightweight, oil-free formula to moisturized skin before concealer and foundation is used.

Idea #2: Using a densely pigmented, not liquid based, cream formula is great to hide dark circles and/or red spots.  Simply dab a little concealer on dark circles, or use a small brush to apply to red spots, and then pat to blend the mixture into the skin.

Idea #3: The summer is a bad time to wear a full face of foundation, but sometimes it is warranted.  Using a lightweight silicone-based formula will help prevent foundation from seeping into pores.

Idea #4: In keeping with the previous idea’s point on foundation, a good general rule for applying is less is more.  When putting on foundation, it is best to use a dampened makeup sponge so the foundation will go on the face lightly and thinly.

What are some of your makeup go to tips?

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