Tips to Keep The Kids Safe This School Year

Since August is coming to an end, you know what that means? Summer is almost over and it’s time for the kids to back to school.  Keeping children safe is one of the most important job any parent has, but it can be hard in this day and age and especially with the Pandemic currently going on.  Whether you are a motorist, a parent, or a student, the emphasis on safety is important.  Below are some tips and ideas to help parents ensure that their children are safe as possible this school year.

Masks, Hand Sanitizer, and Information Is Very Important: This is the most important one, as a lot of parents, teachers and students are very worried about this school year.  In order to ensure your kid is as safe as possible, speak to them openly about what is going on, and how they can protect themselves.  Send them to school with the proper mask, and hand sanitizer.  This year is going to be different then any school year before this and it will take everyone to stay safe.

Driver’s Beware: Now that school is back in session, it is an almost guarantee that the morning commute to work is going to be marred with traffic, school buses, and schoolchildren.  Driver’s need to be alert for any school speed zones that may now come into effect in the area and be aware of the posted speed limits to minimize the chance for a catastrophe.  Additionally, now that the school buses will be back up and running, it’s essential for motorists to watch for the flashing red lights and extended stop arm that proceeds a school bus, ensuring that they don’t hit any of the school aged children that will be crossing the street.

Parents Stay Alert: Along with a new school year comes the children’s independence, and while it’s a great thing to let your younger children walk to school themselves, thus giving them a taste of that sweet adult freedom, it’s essential that the parent still supervises them.  Whether they are walking, biking, or waiting for the school bus, it is critical that an adult is there to ensure that they reach their destination safely.

Students Pay Attention: When walking or biking to school it is essential to always cross at crosswalks, obey all traffic signs, traffic lights, and crossing guard instructions.  This severely limits the possibility of causing an accident or getting hurt by a moving vehicle.  Moreover, always wearing a helmet and following traffic safety rules while riding a bicycle is another great way to ensure that the trip to school is the safest one possible.

What are your plans to keep your kids and/or students safe this school year?

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