Top 20 Consulting Businesses

If you know what you are doing, consulting can be a very lucrative business, and it’s a great business to do from home.

Below are the top 20 consulting businesses around.

  1. Accounting Consulting – If you are good with numbers, and got A’s in accounting class, then an accounting consultant might just be the business for you. Accounting consultants help businesses with all of its financial needs.
  2. Advertising Consulting – Creative types and individuals good with innovative campaign ideas find being an advertising consultant works best for them.
  3. Auditing Consultant – This type of consultant can audit anything dealing with a business, from utility bills, all the way to telecommunications.
  4. Business Consultant – Turning a profit is the name of this consultant’s game. If you are good at making money, this is definitely something you want to look into.
  5. Business Writing Consultant – You’d be surprised how many companies don’t have a purchase order form or training manual, and that’s where a business writing consultant is needed.
  6. Career Counseling Consultant – This individual leads their clients to a profession or job which best suits them.
  7. Communications Consultant – Communication consultants specialize in helping employees (small or corporate size) communicate with each other in a productive and professional manner.
  8. Computer Consulting – If you know hardware to software, and anything else dealing with computers, you are in great demand. A computer consulting gig maybe ideal for you.
  9. Editorial Services Consulting – Takes care of editing any written material for distribution to the public.
  10. Executive Search/Headhunter Firms – If finding talent for employers happens to be your specialty, then this would be the perfect business for you, however, please be advised, this business is not for everyone.
  11. Gardening Consulting – More than a landscaper, a gardening consultant, consults their clients, on landscaping design which would work best on their property, comes up with budgets, etc.
  12. Grantsmanship – If you are good at writing grant proposals, then this would be an excellent business opportunity for you.
  13. Human Resources Consultant – Human Resources Consultant – Small businesses and corporations will always have inter-office issues, so if you go into this field, you can rest assured, you will pretty much always have a job. As a Human Resources Consultant, it is your job to handle all inter-office issues and you will implement programs and practices that ensure that the business runs smoothly and more efficiently.
  14. Insurance Consultant – An insurance consultant helps people and businesses figure out the best rates and plans for them.
  15. Marketing Consultant – This individual is responsible for writing marketing plans, as well as coming up with ideas which will best promote a business.
  16. Payroll Management Consultant – If you have a lot of knowledge and expertise in payroll management, then this would be a great business opportunity for you.
  17. Public Relations Consultant – Anyone who is a people person and good at getting press coverage should definitely consider starting a Public Relations Consultant business.
  18. Publishing Consultant – This individual helps with new ventures when a business is ready to launch a new newspaper, magazine, newsletter, websites, or e-newsletters.
  19. Tax Consultant – A tax consultant advises businesses on the legal methods to pay the least amount of taxes possible.
  20. Writing Services- If you are good at writing, and your vocabulary is amazing, then you really should look into this type of consulting field.

In my personal opinion, if you are truly good at something, then there is a consulting opportunity for it.

What do you guys think?  What types of things would you hire a consultant for?  If you are a consultant, for what type of industry do you consultant?

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