Employee/Employer Relationships: How to Make Them Better

Everyone knows if you have employees, you have to keep them happy; if you don’t then you run the risk of not only having unhappy employees but unhappy customers.

Below are some tips for improving employee/employer relationships.

Honesty is your best policy – Employers always demand honesty from their employees but they are not always honest with their employees and that can create a very hostile environment.  While its understandable employers can’t be honest about everything, they have to remember that their employees are not dumb.  It’s best to be as honest as possible as quickly as possible in order to create a good work environment.  Remember, honesty isn’t just for employees; it’s also for the employers.

Acknowledgment is a key – Employees like to be acknowledged when they do a good job, so make sure you let employees know when they are doing a good job.  Plus acknowledgment is always a great way to build employee loyalty.

Values and Morals are keys – If you want to keep employee morale up, ensure your managers and supervisors follow your company values.

Have a Plan – Employees tend to get discouraged when their place of employment is unorganized.  When you decide to have employees, you also have a clear and comprehensive plan describing what their position will entail, benefits, and what their payment and promotion schedule will be.

You get what you pay for – This is simple.  If you decide you want a whole bunch of work done, but you only want to pay someone $10/hour, you are not going to get the best of work.  If you want employees that are going to go above and beyond, then you need to ensure you are paying them for the work they are doing.

Just because you are the employer, or the owner of the company, doesn’t mean your employees are less valuable than you.  If anything, the fact you have employees means you need them, so treat them with respect and they will work for you until the end of their days.

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