Essential Items for Women to Pack for a Business Trip

As women know, packing can be a pain in the butt, especially if you are packing for a business trip.  It can be hard to know what to bring, and what is just taking up space, so below are 5 essential items every women should back for a business trip.


Anne Klein Grey Suit Separates Collection (pants suit) Anne Klein Grey Suit Separates Collection (skirt suit)

Anne Klein Grey Suit Separates Collection (pants suit) – Pants Suit – $102.99, Separate Skirt – $62.99

  1. Classic Suit – Let’s be real, a carryon bag is not very big, so it’s not like you have a lot of space for a tons of clothes, that’s why the classic business suit is always the best way to go.  Not only is it invariably fashionable, but it also leaves room for the many other items you have to fit into your carryon bag.  Remember to look for a suit that is made of wrinkle-resistant materials (wool and synthetics are a safer bet than 100% cotton).

Grace Heel

Grace Heel – $69.99

  1. Comfy (and Stylish) Travel Shoes – Now this can be a bit taxing, as a lot of women love shoes (I for one, always end up traveling with way more pairs of shoes then I need), not to mention, most comfortable shoes, are usually not very stylish and vice versa.  However, it can be done. Pack a versatile wedge that you can wear with either pants or skirts. You can also go with a shoe which has a more sensible heel (think chunky, not clunky), and if you want that extra support, you can always add a gel insert.

Ombre Pashmina

Ombre Pashmina – $31.50

  1. Wrap/Shawl – This item is a must have.  A wrap or shawl is it great to keep you warm on the cold airplane, bus or train, but it’s also great to keep you warm in a chilly office.  Try getting a Pashmina shawl, not only are they cute, but they are super comfy.

Deena & Ozzy Jaguar-Grip Crossbody Bag

Deena & Ozzy Jaguar-Grip Crossbody Bag – $49.99

  1. Small Purse – The most important thing about business travel is to be as compact as possible.  Most women tend to leave their big purses at home.  However, don’t forget to bring a small purse or clutch for work dinners or on the road events (lap top bags are not purses, no matter how cute they are).  Make sure you get a bag that works for day and night, and don’t go with anything too sparkly.

Hanging Toiletry Kit

Hanging Toiletry Kit – $12.49

  1. Compact Toiletry Kit – Now that the restrictions on carry-on liquids are so strict, this is the hardest task at hand.  A smart idea would be to by a compact toiletry kit that already has a built in quart-sized bag, that way you will know exactly how much space you have.  If you are going on a short trip, buy the mini containers from Wal-Mart, or the Dollar Store and fill them with the must have items (and if you are smart, you will just keep mini versions of all of your essentials around, so you won’t have to go through refilling every time you travel).

What are some of the items that you like to pack during your business trips?  What are some of your must haves?

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