A Beginner’s Twitter Guide

A Beginners Twitter Guide

With Twitter becoming a very popular way for business owners to promote their business and/or any special promotions coming up, it can be pretty challenging to express everything you want to say in 140 characters, so below are a few ways to promote your business using terms and symbols to help you use those 140 characters to the best of your ability.
Tip #1: The @ symbol – This symbol precedes anyone’s twitter handle. And makes it very easy for any business owner to track whether promoting on Twitter is a viable option. So make sure anytime you are replying to tweets, you @ the person you are tweeting, that way, not only will they see your tweet, but so will all of your followers.

Tip #2: The Blue Checkmark – This symbol means a person’s account has been validated by Twitter (i.e. meaning the celebrity and/or person you are talking to is the actual person you are tweeting), and can be very helpful when you want to ensure the celebrity or business you are tweeting, is the actual person you want to tweet.
Tip #3: # (hashtags) can be fun – And quite useful for blogging material. This symbol ties all tweets together around a common topic. For instance, my company uses the #At Random hashtag, so anytime someone wants to join in with the random business facts my company tweets, they can.
Tip #4: Basic Abbreviations – DM and RT are the most commonly used abbreviations in Twitter, and in case you didn’t already figure it out, DM stands for Direct Message and RT stands for re-tweet. A Direct Message, means that the conversation between two twitter users are private (unless you DM someone, all tweets that you send out will be public. Remember, you can only send a DM to someone you are following and they are following you back) An RT is a business owner’s best friend. RT’s are the way all of the business owner’s followers can share the businesses’ tweets with their followers. RT is one of the best ways to generate buzz about your business on Twitter.
These are just a few of the ways a business owner can use Twitter to help market and promote their business.
What are some of the ways you use Twitter?
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